Ryan W. West

Ryan W West

Research Scientist · Infrastructure, Security, Data

Research & Publications

Simulating Municipal Cybersecurity Incidents Paper (HICCS Conference Paper—Under Review)

Presents recommendations for designing realistic cybersecurity simulations for professionals to obtain impactful learning outcomes

Survey of Blockchain Consensus Algorithm Scalability Paper

Compares how well various consensus algorithms allow blockchain networks to securely scale with increased traffic volume

Hyperledger Aries Connection Protocol RFCs

These describe open-source algorithms to securely connect clients in order to create/transmit verifiable digital credentials
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First Place Hackathon Project: Amazon Budgeting Chrome Extension

The Fiber Chrome Extension was our entry for the 2019 Intern Hackathon at Capital One. The project won first place against 540 interns. The extension aims to improve online shopper's financial literacy by integrating their personal budget data and credit card usage directly into Amazon's product pages and providing warnings and recommendations when getting close to their limits. It also changes prices to include sales tax. Get it on Github

Amazon page with extension enabled

Bang! in C#

As a personal side-project, Implemented a Bang! card game emulator using Monogame's framework in C#. Up to six computer players play against each other to be the last one standing. AI is used to intelligently choose the most benefial moves for each player. For example, weaker players will be targeted first. See it on Github.

Gutenburg Book Genre Classification

Used five machine learning models and natural language processing in Python (scikit-learn, nltk) to predict the genre of a given classical book. The corpus was obtained from the public-domain texts provided by Project Gutenburg. Using a random forest ensemble, we were able to consistently achieve over 80% accuracy on classification. For details, view our research report.

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Family Tree App

Built a basic family tree web server in Java, where a user can register and store family tree generation for later use. Designed an Android app that syncs with the server over HTTP and lets the user explore their family data with a map. The server uses a SQLite Database to store ancestral information, such as life events, parentage, and children.

Pipelined MIPS Processor

Used the Verilog Hardware Design Language to design a pipelined, forwarding single-instruction processor using the MIPS Instruction Set Architecture. Worked with Xilinx's Vivado hardware design suite to download the soft processor onto a Xilinx FPGA.

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Neural Network Lecture

I collaborated with other students to produce and give an hour-length lecture on neural networks to an algorithms CS class.

China Study Abroad

In May and June of 2017, I went on a engineering study abroad to Guangzhou, China. We toured several major engineering facilities such as Cisco and Quanta (where Macbooks and Lenovo products are produced), and learned about their engineering and business models. While there, we worked with Chinese students and took additional courses on leadership, eastern religion, and Chinese culture.


Programming Languages


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University of Utah

Ph.D., Computer Science
2021 - Present

Brigham Young University

MS, Computer Science (Cybersecurity & Distributed Systems)
April 2020 - April 2021
BS, Computer Engineering (Business Management Minor)
MS GPA: 4.0/4; BS GPA: 3.9/4
Research Areas: Blockchain scalability and consensus algorithms, ransomware defense techniques, FPGA radiation reliability, cybersecurity risk/attack simulations, Signal secure messaging protocol, Google Key Transparency
June 2016 - April 2020


I'm a Research Scientist and Software Engineer with a passion for learning new things. In addition to my job, I'm working towards a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

While I love all things computers, I'm particularly interested in blockchain, security, DevOps, the Fintech space, infrastructure, and open-source software.

I enjoy solving hard problems and regularly do technical consulting. If you need help in areas such as architecture, security, data, or other backend problems, feel free to reach out.

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